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Airport-to-Airport Trucking

Van Swieten air cargo services all major airports in Europe daily. For several routes we have developed a time table with standard departure and arrival times. To serve the airfreight industry the trailer fleet of van Swieten air cargo is fitted with roller-beds. Your ULD (air cargo pallets and containers) can easily and quickly be loaded or unloaded.

Our roller-bed trailers have various heights to carry your standard ULDs up to Q7.
> The internal widths of our trailers are 248 upto 250 cm
> The internal heights of our trailers are 270 upto 300 cm

All these trailers are fitted with GPS system and high end security locking systems.

All drivers, planning staff and management are airfreight security trained according latest EU regulations 185/2010 which must be implemented before April 2013.

ACNVan Swieten is active member of ACN (Air Cargo Netherlands). All drivers have an ACN-pass for easier access to the terminals at Schiphol Airport. This speeds-up the delivery time of your export cargo, it prevents drivers from queuing up at the gates.

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International Container Trucking
Domestic Transport