van Swieten air cargo trailer
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Off Airport activities:
In 1992 more and more Airfreight Agents were able pre-built ULDs at their warehouses. Van Swieten collected the pre-built ULDs directly from these sites and transported it into the Airlines warehouses.

Mergers and Acquisitions:
In 1994 van Swieten was bought by Nedlloyd and moved to the new HQ of Nedlloyd at Moerdijk. The company name Van Swieten ended here and was renamed NDLS (Nedlloyd Direct Load Services). Later, after several internal reorganisations, NDLS was moved to another Nedlloyd company Van Gend & Loos. It was renamed DLS. A few year later Deutsche Post daughter Danzas bought all “Land activities” from Nedlloyd, including Van Gent & Loos and its Road feeder Services for Airlines still called DLS. The rollerbed fleet remained a substantial part of the DLS fleet as its drivers. Deutsche Post acquired DHL Worldwide Express and integrated all companies into the new DHL. DLS was renamed DHL Freight Euroline International.

The current Management of DHL Freight re-established a Business Unit at Schiphol Airport with the core activity Airfreight Transportation, similar to the old van Swieten activities, with airport-to-airport or road feeder services for airlines. In January 1st 2009 this BU was rewarded several major road feeder services, On airport transport, and linehauls for KLM Cargo, ‘our’ first Airfreight Trucking client in 1968?

van Swieten air cargo:
After 2 years of development as a DHL Freight division it was time to grow further as in independent company with the core activities in Airfreight Trucking under the solid name ‘van Swieten air cargo’. back <

van Swieten air cargo history
van Swieten air cargo history