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High Value Transport

As Van Swieten is an Active TAPA member we are constant aware of the security threats your products might encounter en route. GPS Management is of major importance to secure your products. Together with our clients we create tailor-made solutions, implement your own security requirements or work according the three (3) TAPA TSR (truck security) standards.
High end locking systems are standard. A number of trailers are fitted with a security locking system which only can be opened by our external Monitoring Centre.

Van Swieten Air Cargo is validated by SGS against TAPA highest security level TSR 1, on 22nd of February 2010

For high value transport we use a most modern fleet of solid box trailers, high-end security systems on trailer and pulling unit, 24/7 monitoring by our own dedicated alarm centre. The team, trucks, drivers, office staff and management obtain the Van Swieten SAFE and Robbery & Response training yearly.

All drivers, office staff and Management are screened.

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